So your organization does not think Veterans should be held accountable for their crimes?

Not at all! In fact RMVTC and SAJV hold veterans to a higher degree of accountability. Veterans engaged in this program are required to attend regular counseling sessions, attend court hearings monthly (for a 6 month minimum), and engage in a one-on-one mentorship program. Only if, a veteran complies with the stringent requirements agreed upon by the court, are they then eligible to have their cases dismissed. Note: Not all offenses are eligible for dismissal.

What about felonies, civil charges or violent offenses?

Presently, RMVTC (Regional Municipalities Veterans Treatment Court) only assists veterans with non-violent misdemeanor charges.

I served, but only for _____ days. Or my discharge status is not honorable. Do I qualify?

SAJV and RMVTC acknowledges ALL veterans. If you took an oath either as a commissioned officer or as a non-commissioned officer and served one day, you are considered a veteran.

Why should I participate? What is the benefit?

If a veteran has cases that are eligible, and completes the agreed upon treatment and counseling, in most cases the charges will be dismissed. 

Do I need to hire a lawyer?

RMVTC is partnered with the University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law. An entire team of law school students work under a licensed attorney and professor, in order to gain real world experience as defense attorneys. Many of these students are either veterans themselves, or have a family member who has served giving them a unique perspective and ability to understand the particpants in the court.

Or you may choose a public defender, or hire a private defense attorney if you wish. 

I have charges and want to know if I'm eligible.

Have charges? Want to know if you or a loved one qualifies? Contact the court directly for more information and assistance. 

Cassondra Forste, RMVTC Program Coordinator can be reached at:

(520) 837-3603 

Or email:

Cassondra.Forste@tucsonaz.gov This allows for an opportunity for a second chance without a criminal conviction on record.